3 TikTokers That Increase Their Cash With Multiple Income Streams – and How You Can Too


You don’t need to do radically different things to generate multiple streams of income. “There are many ways to make money in one bucket. For example, within content creation, there are many different ways to monetize your audience,” says Tan; YouTube Ads, Sponsorships, Digital Products, merchandise, affiliates, etc. “You don’t have to pursue them all, and not all streams will work for everyone,” Tan says.

Example: Tan derives most of his revenue from content creation, which comes from YouTube ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships. She also makes money through e-commerce and investing.

Barbosa’s income streams come from modeling and acting, affiliate marketing, brand deals and content marketing gigs, money earned from his investments, and the resale of articles on Poshmark. Sugumar has nine streams of income, which include administrative office work, investing in crypto, and building Instagram themed pages.

If you have an e-commerce business, you can find new ways to monetize, such as diversifying and selling different products, or perhaps through collaborations with other e-commerce brands.

No surprise, but Sugumar suggests starting a TikTok page because you can gain tons of exposure and use it as a funnel to grow your various income streams. “Once you have a social media account with an audience, you can create many streams of income from it – believe me,” says Sugumar.

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