BPER Banca balance sheet, 2021 accounts. 2022 dividend of 0.06 euros


The year was characterized by a general improvement in the main items of the income statement and credit quality.

BPER bank announced preliminary financial results for 2021, a year characterized by a general improvement of the main income statement items and credit quality.

Management indicated that in 2022, the bank’s business will continue to be focused on ordinary profitability growth, while revenues are expected to increase, supported in particular by the fee component relating to the managed savings business. and bancassurance.

The leaders offered distribution of a dividend of €0.06 per share.

In detail, the institute ended last year with a Net revenue (excluding minority interests) of 525.12 million euros, a result which compares with the 236.93 million recorded in 2020. The institute indicated that the result for the year was affected by a negative goodwill of €1.13 billion of which €817.7 million related to badwill resulting from the purchase price allocation (PPA) process necessary for the acquisition of the UBI Banca and UBISS business units carried out during the year.

the result of operational managementwhich went from 881.84 million to 900.76 million euros (+2.2%), while I operating result increased by 35% to 3.39 billion euros, following the jump in net commissions (+ 53.1% to 1.64 billion) and the net result of finance (196.23 million), which benefited from profits from the sale of financial assets and the good performance of the markets.

At the end of 2021, I customer loans, net of value adjustments, they amounted to 79.1 billion euros. On the same date I net impaired loans (doubtful, improbable and unpaid loans) amounted to €1.6 billion (down 18.5% compared to the end of September 2021), with an impact of 2% on total net loans, down compared to 4.0% at the end of 2020 and a coverage rate of 60.4%.

Still at the end of 2021, the Class 1 common shares it is 14.5% (14.7% as of September 30, 2021). The index calculated in full application is 13.5% (13.7% as of September 30, 2021).

On the same date I debt securities they amount to 27.3 billion euros; of these, 14.3 billion were linked to government bonds (8.6 billion euros represented by Italian government bonds).

BPER Banca reported that in 2022, the bank’s activity will continue to be focused on increasing ordinary profitabilitythrough the development of the core business, which will benefit from the strengthening of the competitive position achieved last year.

Management added that revenue should increasesupported in particular by the commission component relating to the managed savings and bancassurance sector, as well as by customer credit activity expected to grow over the course of the year, also driven by the profits derived from the investments planned by the PNRR.

On the front of costsefficiency and rationalization actions will continue, which will offset the investment costs that will be included in the new 2022-2024 industrial plan.

the cost of credit it should fall in parallel with a credit quality which should improve further thanks to the actions of derisking in progress. The equity position should remain at high levels.

The management of BPER Banca proposed the distribution of a dividend 2022 (relating to the 2021 budget) €0.06 per share, up from the €0.04 granted last year. The total amount of the dividend is 84.8 million euros.


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