Cash Flow College CEO Humzah Bhayat is gaining a stellar reputation as a go-to mentor for equity investors


Having gained financial independence for himself, Bhayat is now on a mission to help his students achieve the same freedom.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 3, 2022 / — It is widely accepted that profiting from the stock market requires hard-earned skills and experience that few have the time or patience to master. And when statistics show that 90% of traders don’t make any money, a figure that isn’t based on geographic region, age, gender, or intelligence, by the way, it’s no surprise that many newbies look online for expert advice. With a plethora of so-called investment gurus to choose from, it can be hard not to get swayed by these up-and-coming celebrity lifestyles, complete with luxury homes and yachts.

Humzah Bhayat stands out for its willingness to share practical and actionable information through Cash Flow College, a platform that provides students with a broad perspective on wealth creation. After four years as a stock trader, Bhayat became so successful that he was able to fund his business while studying for a degree in medical genetics. Word spread, and now Cash Flow College has over 100,000 people learning from this young entrepreneur’s unique approach.

Bhayat attributes his success to sharing information that is skimmed over by others in his field, providing students with a deep dive into fundamental analysis that includes analyzing balance sheets, income statements, and more. financial datas. Convinced that the stock market is accessible to everyone, his advice is particularly useful for those who have intensive daily jobs and busy schedules.

“You don’t need to spend hours in front of your screen every day to make a profit,” says Bhayat, adding that his programs are designed to take students from complete beginners to proficient stock investors and traders. options. One of Bhayat’s most popular programs is The Cash Flow Combo, which shows the user everything they need to know about investing in stocks, trading options, building wealth and more. again.

For more information, visit the website or @cashflowog on Instagram and @cashflow_og on Twitter.

About the Cash Flow College

With over 700 members on six continents, Cash Flow College offers the perfect opportunity for those who want to learn how to invest in stocks, trade options and generate passive income. The platform was founded by CEO Humzah Bhayat, an established securities trader with four years of industry experience. On a mission to help others achieve financial freedom, Bhayat offers its students a wide range of affordable options.

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