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How to request Mini-Loans and Lines of Credit

Loans for individuals in Zaloan

Loans for individuals in Zaloan

The first thing you should keep in mind is that Zaloan only offers microcredits and lines of credit to individuals. This means that there will be no operations with SMEs or companies.

Zaloan offers you different products for every need

Zaloan understands that we can all have some economic complication in life and that is why we can count on your help. For each of the different situations in which we find ourselves, Zaloan has the best option for us.

A Loan or personal credit or a microcredit in Zaloan can be € 50 to € 600 and you can return it between five days or in 45 days.

The best thing is that they are completely flexible and that it offers all the options we need. For this, we can contact them or simply make the credit request completely online.

If, on the other hand, what you are looking for is to have an open line of credit from which you can go when you need it, in Zaloan you also have it. The Line of credit has great advantages with respect to the personal loan, since in this case, a limit is fixed to the client that can be disposed of at any moment, withdraw and enter and only interest is paid by the willing party.

It’s like having a checking account with a balance at your disposal at all times.

In this case, the line of credit goes from € 100 to € 1,000 and you can pay between 3 months and 58 months. The 3 months are minimal.

How to apply for loans and credit lines in Zaloan

How to apply for loans and credit lines in Zaloan

The only thing you must do to request your line of credit or your microcredit is to fill out the form that you have on the website of the entity. You will see that it is very simple to fill and that it will not take more than a few minutes.

At this moment, you will create your personal account, personal site from which you will be able to access all your credits, contracts, etc.

The service to request your credit is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you will have a quick answer about whether your credit has been approved. From the moment it is approved and your message reaches your mobile, it will take 15 minutes to take your money into account.

Personal area on the Zaloan website Loans

Personal area on the Zaloan website Loans

All the information you may need to consult is present in your personal client area. From this area, you can also access to see what you have left to pay, what you have already paid, etc. You will see that it is very simple and that the data is all there for any question you want to ask.

Payment of the credit: by card or transfer

When the expiration of your credit arrives, you must make the payment on the agreed date. This can be done by credit card or by bank transfer. What you should keep in mind is that the transfers take a few days to arrive and are not immediate, so if you want to save yourself problems and complications, the best thing you can do is make the transfer about two days before.

What happens if you do not pay a Zaloan loan, delays and extensions

In case of not making the payment on the agreed day, you must take into account that you will be charged interest for non-payment. If you want to avoid these costs, it is best that you get in touch with them before the expiration and you will find a safe solution together.

In case of not being able to face the payment, in Zaloan you can request an extension of your credit. To do this, you must complete the application from your personal customer area and send it to Zaloan. In the same process, you will be informed of the costs of this extra service and you will have to pay them before the payment date you had agreed upon expires.

Important: meet deadlines to avoid surcharges and unnecessary delay interest that are not cheap at all. If online financiers charge expensive, in cases of default the costs can become outrageous.

In Zaloan they have something very clear and that is that not all customers are the same. In this way, if we have complied with the payment term in the credits that we are requesting, each time we will be able to access greater amounts and bonuses. On the contrary, we can not ask for any other credit until we have paid the amount we have.

In the case of having delays and defaults, Zaloan can deny us the credit in future occasions and, it will charge us a series of interests and costs that will increase the final payment.

Amortize a loan in Zaloan early

Amortize a loan in Zaloan early

Of course you can also pay your credit ahead of time and is that, if you have the money, you will take away a top management. Zaloan will not charge you for paying in advance, but neither will you discount anything. That is to say, if your credit was € 1000 and you had to return € 1400 in two years, you can pay it now, but you will still have to pay € 1400. Failure to do so will be considered a partial amortization and, therefore, you will continue to receive the installments or the pending payment on the expiration of this.

Zaloan customer service and contact telephone

The best thing about Zaloan is that you have a good customer service with which you will be able to solve all your doubts. In addition, you have a section on the web of frequently asked questions as complete. In fact, we can tell you that it is one of the clearest websites when it comes to giving the information that your users need. When you read this information, you have the real feeling of being informed and not that they are trying to sell you the credit without telling you about the pros and cons. This does not happen on this website, so it is one of the sites that generate more confidence to users.

Enjoy a complete line of credit or the microcredit you need without having to do a lot of paperwork and with very flexible conditions for all users.

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