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If you are a business owner, financial planner, accountant, treasurer or financial controller for a small or medium-sized business and you are looking for a profitable and stand-alone application for financial accounting of income created and future profit and loss projections, the Income Statement application is a good choice for you. The app has been elegantly designed, simple to use, and tailored to the needs of service and retail businesses.

The app comes with built-in easy-to-use and customizable P&L sheets, account balance sheets, financial goals and growth sheets, as well as 3-year profit and loss projection sheets:

1. Income statement – Provides a measure of the economic performance of your business. Also called “income statement”. The income statement comes in two separate formats, each on a separate tab – one step with all income and expenses grouped together; and several steps that calculate gross profit and operating income.

2. Account Balance – Keep a record of your company’s bank account transactions detailing the transactions your company makes with your customers and suppliers.

3. Goals – Allows you to create financial goals and understand what average financial numbers you need to hit on a monthly and weekly basis to achieve them. In addition, the worksheet helps you mention a set of steps you need to take to achieve a particular goal.

4. Net Income Growth – Allows you to estimate the financial impact of improving savings per year on net income after 5 years, 10 years and 20 years.

5. Profit and Loss Projection – Helps you create a 3-year profit and loss projection for a business providing services or selling goods or both.

The app allows you to save and reuse income statements and other sheets, so you can see and track your business’ financial progress over time. If you want to share the financial statements with your business partners, investors, and other stakeholders, just tap email to send the information instantly anytime, anywhere. Alternatively, you can save locally, email, and print the statements. Bookkeeping and financial planning for your business has never been easier.


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