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Loans for Private Employees: What are the required guarantees?


Loans for private employees in Sardinia: requests for financing increas

The demand for loans to private individuals is increasing. This is what emerges from the data published by end-to-end knowledge company (note Central risks operating in Italy). In August, mortgage applications increased by 57.57% compared to the same period last year. There was also an increase in requests for loans from families which, again in August, recorded an increase of 6.3%, despite the sharp decline in personal loans.

According to what was reported in the last end-to-end knowledge company Barometer, this would be the least successful funding last month, with a 7.8% drop compared to August 2014. Given in sharp contrast to the end-to-end knowledge company data referring to the first half of the year, which estimated a 5% growth in demand.

Increase that is fully reflected in Sardinia, where for the first six months of 2015 an increase in personal loan demand is calculated to be higher than the national average, 5.5%. But how to get a personal loan? What credentials are required?

How to get personal loans for private employees

How to get personal loans for private employees

 The personal loan provides for the granting of an agreed sum, to be repaid with a fixed rate amortization plan and constant installments. Since these are non-finalized loans, the user can dispose of the disbursed capital as he wishes, and he is not obliged to justify the destination of the money to the bank.

In principle, the granting of a personal loan is not subject to the presentation of real guarantees, therefore the presence of a demonstrable income adequate to sustain the repayment of the loan will be sufficient. If the applicant’s credentials are not sufficient to cover the loan, the bank can request the presentation of alternative guarantees, such as loan repayment or a guarantor’s signature.

Loans for private employees on salary-backed loans

Loans for private employees on salary-backed loans

 The residents of Cagliari, Carbonia -Iglesias, Oristano, Nuoro, Olbia -Tempio, Sassari and the other provinces of Sardinia, with an employment contract of indefinite duration or pensioners, can resort to the assignment of the fifth. This is a particular type of personal loan that provides for the repayment of the credit through direct deduction of the installment from the debtor’s salary or pension.

We are talking about a salary assignment because the monthly installment of the loan cannot exceed the fifth part (20%) of the beneficiary ‘s salary or pension, net of taxes. The duration cannot exceed ten years.

How to get loans for private employees on the sale of the fifth? For employees, in addition to permanent employment, a minimum length of employment is required, which varies according to the insurance company that provides the policy to cover the loan.

In fact, current legislation provides for the signing of compulsory insurance against life risk and employment risk. Finally, remember that for loans for private employees is necessary that the employer company meets the eligibility criteria (for example, a minimum number of employees, or a higher capital stock at a predetermined minimum).

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