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To a certain extent, it is entirely in the nature of entrepreneurship that the self-employed sometimes find themselves in liquidity gaps and financing bottlenecks, even when business is solid. For example, if unforeseen repairs or necessary purchases occur, or if the long-awaited receipt of a customer’s payment is delayed.

Unfortunately, banks consider self-employment to be more of a risk than an opportunity. Often, self-employed people have to endure harsh credit checks and pay overpriced interest or are denied in advance. In fact, few banks lend to the self-employed.

Our tip: Specifying the purpose increases chances!

The wise applicant should consider to apply instead of untargeted loan (free use of the loan amount) a dedicated credit. This is very important for the bank because, for example, when buying vehicles or real estate, these serve as collateral for the bank. If the self-employed person can not meet the loan obligations, the bank could in such case sell the financing object in an emergency.

Because of the lower default risk, banks usually grant more favorable terms than a loan for free use. The lesser the lender assesses a possible default risk, the higher the chances of a cheap loan. Of course, this applies in general and not only for professional self-employed!

Our tip: Gandalf for the self-employed also for bridging finance!

Unlike most banks, Gandalf offers the opportunity to obtain a low-interest instant loan for the self-employed. The flexible business loan from Gandalf for small businesses, entrepreneurs and the self-employed up to 250,000 euros is also suitable for solving liquidity problems and financing gaps .

Your house bank learns nothing: Gandalf is absolutely discreet!

As a pure Internet bank, Gandalf does not have to maintain costly affiliate networks or finance expensive TV campaigns. Gandalf’s customers therefore benefit from cheaper credit:

  • Online loan for the self-employed up to 250,000 euros
  • Special repayments anytime unlimited and free of charge possible!
  • for solving liquidity problems and financing gaps
  • Interest rebate for early repayment
  • free rate reduction
  • Best offer selected from up to 20 banks !
  • Processing within 24 hours
  • You will usually receive your free and non-binding credit offer one day after the application has been submitted

Unlike many other credit companies, Gandalf offers self-employed professionals the benefits of free and unlimited special repayments , early repayment repayments and free rate reduction! Gandalf’s Online Self-Employed Loan regularly receives excellent rankings compared to competitors: Self-Employed Credit Ranking

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