Plateau set to generate 5 billion naira of internal revenue per month


From Gyang Bere, Jos

Plateau State Governor Simon Bako Lalong has launched a high income campaign with the goal of increasing the state’s monthly income base from 3 to 5 billion naira per month.

This follows the signing, a few weeks ago, of the new law on revenues and the law on property and land use rights as well as the law on geographic information systems of the Plateau.

Governor Lalong, who reported the exercise to Plateau State’s Internal Revenue Service headquarters in Jos, said the revenue campaign was aimed at shifting state revenues to pave the way for funding for more projects and programs currently hampered by lack of funds.

He paid the ground rent on his personal belongings, saying he decided to lead by example in order to demonstrate to citizens that no one is above the law or will be left behind in the process.

“I am not asking citizens to do what I SAY, but to do what I DO. I am not only the governor, but also the chairman of the Plateau State Revenue Council, as stipulated by law, ”the governor said.

“As the saying goes, leaders lead together. Having personally demonstrated this level of civic responsibility as the state’s number one citizen, it means that there is no one who will be lacking. We are all subject to the law and those who run against the law will bear the consequences.

“So I expect all citizens, especially political leaders (elected and appointed), to line up behind me and do the same. Now is the time for leadership.

The governor has said he will not intervene on behalf of any tax offender.

“It’s not about me or anyone else, it’s about the law. It’s because I don’t want to beg anyone or be embarrassed that I’m paying mine today, ”he said.

He explained that he had recently promulgated the law on the revenues of the State of the Plateau (consolidation); Plateau Land and Land Use Rights Act; The Law on Geographic Information Services of the Plateau aimed, among other things, to provide a legal framework for all income-generating activities and to improve the fiscal environment.

Lalong cautioned against the default because very soon those who wish to access certain Plateau state government services will be required to show proof of payment of their taxes.

“This is very important because we cannot enjoy and claim rights and benefits without corresponding responsibility. “

PSIRS Executive Chairman Dashe Alert reaffirmed that the exercise that involves raising taxpayer awareness; sensitization; on-site inspection of licenses and registration permits; is a continuum that will be supported.

He called on all stakeholders to fulfill their civic responsibility to voluntarily pay all taxes, fees, fees and fines to develop our IGR.

According to him, once the period of awareness and persuasion is over, the government will begin enforcement and anyone who does not comply will face the law.

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