The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) says it will eliminate the backlog of tax returns by the end of 2022.


According to USA Today, Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Charles Rettig promised House lawmakers on Thursday that the IRS would complete processing all outstanding tax returns by December 2022. There was a backlog of as many as 20 million tax returns, some of which had been pending for more than a year, according to the agency.

The statement comes just days after the Internal Revenue Service announced it would hire 10,000 new employees to help reduce the backlog in processing tax returns. The first 5,000 of these new employees will be hired this year, with the remaining half being hired the following year.

Up to 6,000 agency staff will be forced to work overtime, with the possibility of even more being allowed to do so.

The Internal Revenue Service assembles a team of 700 people to process new tax returns. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will move personnel to three locations: Kansas City, Missouri; Austin, TX; and Ogden, Utah to handle the huge volume of returns.

Along with other tactics, the Internal Revenue Service has adopted call-back technology, which the agency says has saved taxpayers more than a million hours of waiting.

Judy Chu, a Democrat from California, called Rettig’s announcement “very, very positive.”

As USA Today reports, “every return represents a person, family, or business looking forward to required refunds from the previous year.”

According to reports, budget cuts have contributed to the backlog. Republicans are reportedly considering making even bigger cuts to the Internal Revenue Service.

Retti’s thinks that if the IRS budget were cut in half, “it would be better and more cost effective to shut it down altogether.” “We are responsible for 96% of the gross domestic product of the United States of America,” the president said.

How do you plan to raise funds to support the programs we need and every American deserves? This is not the best solution to reduce our expenses.


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