Why cash flow planning is the advice customers want


In turn, it is up to financial advisors to help clients by making cash flow statements and balance sheets to suit their lifestyle, updating them annually based on savings and spending choices. , the availability of investments and market fluctuations, and providing them with sound advice on how to align their investments. Therefore.

So how is this possible? Thanks to technology. Modern cash flow planning technologies offer not only flexibility, but also visually appealing results that encourage real-time conversations between advisors and clients. Features like Live Adjustments that explore different planning scenarios and show the direct impact of advice translates into more productive and meaningful conversations.

Consumers today want to be involved every step of the way in their financial planning process rather than blindly following static instructions set by their financial advisors. Plus, those who actively participate are much more likely to adopt, adapt, and stick to the plan.

Cash flow planning technologies ultimately strengthen the relationship between advisors and clients. They visually demonstrate the direct impact of planning and the long-term value of advice. This allows clients and advisors to make more informed decisions. Additionally, these technologies help businesses maximize return on investment and profitability, unlock insights and opportunities, minimize compliance burdens, and increase efficiency.

Building an in-house cash flow planning infrastructure to serve and support customers is prohibitive and time consuming. Strategic technology partners can offer an intuitive end-to-end platform that can integrate all scenarios into a single, dynamic financial roadmap. No matter how simple or complex a client’s details are, the best cash flow planning technologies can aggregate disparate types of data, accounts and enable planning for everyone.

The biggest obstacle to implementing a cash flow based planning strategy is the change in mindset and process of those who are reluctant to change. The hesitation is understandable. Data entry used to be very laborious. This would lead to inefficiencies, telephone translations, indecision and waste of time.

Modern technologies can provide a more efficient and transparent way to work collaboratively and directly with clients to add value at every step of the financial advisory process. There is a strong appetite for this change among modern investors, so now is the time for advisers to catch up. Those who do will be well positioned to grow their practice, increase customer portfolio share, and increase retention.

Blake Kannady is the product manager of intelligiflo, a unique API-based platform that manages the end-to-end consulting experience for organizations of all sizes. Visit https://www.intelliflo.com/us for more information.

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